Peer Review Policy

All submitted manuscripts are subject to initial assessment by the Editor-in-Chief using the following criteria.

  • Originality,
  • Study design and methodology are appropriate and described so that others could replicate what you have done,
  • Are your results clearly and appropriately explained?
  • Are your conclusions reliable and significant?
  • The work is of a high enough standard to be published in JISCOM.

If found suitable, the manuscripts will be send for rigorous and rapid peer review by independent, anonymous expert referees. All peer review is double blind and will undergo Turnitin authenticity cross-checking. All submitted papers are evaluated based on its quality, validity, and relevance assessed by independent peers within the relevant field. We believe in the integrity of peer review.

Peer review appeals and author complaints

If the author wishes to appeal a journal editor’s decision, please submit an appeal letter to the journal’s online editorial office. Please address this to the editor and explain clearly the basis for an appeal.

You should:

  • Write in detail why you disagree with the decision.
  • Please provide specific responses to any of the editor’s and/or reviewers’ comments that contributed to the reject decision.
  • Provide any new information or data that you would like the journal to take into consideration.
  • Provide evidence if you believe a reviewer has made technical errors in their assessment of your manuscript.
  • Include evidence if you believe a reviewer may have a conflict of interest.

After receiving the appeal, editors may involve any managing editors who handled the peer review of the original submission and handle the case in transparent manner. Editors may confirm their decision to reject the manuscript, invite a revised manuscript, or seek additional peer- or statistical review of the original manuscript. Editors will consider one appeal per article and all decisions on appeals are final.